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American Airlines, Delta Also Dropping Ticket Change Fees

American Airlines and Delta Airlines are both following United Airlines and will be dropping that $200 ticket change fee they charge customers.
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Delta Has Banned Over 100 People From Flying for Refusing to Wear Face Masks

Delta’s CEO revealed they’ve already banned over 100 passengers who refused to wear a mask on board their flights. The airline has required masks since May 1. Read more!
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An Airline Makes Headlines For Going Above & Beyond For a Cross Country Team

Do you find your self spending less and less time on Facebook or Instagram? We talk the reasons you should, or should not, delete social media. FINALLY, and airline makes the Good News story for truly going above and beyong for a cross country team that found itself stranded at the Philly airport...
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BREAKING: Delta Airlines grounds flights due to system outage

If you're taking off from PTI this morning, you might want to check its status. Delta Air Lines has grounded flights scheduled to leave Monday after experiencing unspecified issues with its computer systems globally. Confirmation of the troublescame in an official account that responds to customers...
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