Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich Or Not?

Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich Or Not? Yes. This was a real question from the show today. And it turns out, people don't agree on this.
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Settle the Great Breakfast Debate

This Morning on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show, we stumbled into what we consider the Great Debate of the Week! While Clay was slurping down the greasy two-day old Sausage Gravy and mashed up biscuits, Corie was chewing on Homemade, organic, pumpkin pureed muffins lovingly made from scratch by her...
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Top 3 Reasons You're Not Watching This Tonight

Tonight is the FIRST Presidential Debate with an estimated tens of millions of viewers. What are you looking forward to more- carefully articulated platform debating... or a full on brawl? Hey if you're like some, you don't be watching at all, and here are the three best reasons why! 1. Which is...
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Yoga Pants

Athletic Pants or Lazy Day Clothing, you tell us!

You've seen all kinds of people wearing these pants. Athletic (or Yoga) pants have been a huge fashion trend over the past year or so. Clay and Jill debate on if they are actually used in majority for athletic purposes or are they just worn when people want to be lazy. Leave us a comment below on...
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