Bad Date

Dating and Voting - Friends or Foe's?

Let's face it, this election is at he top of most conversations. It is monopolizing the news and taking over our lives! So, for those of you out there in the dating world, how is it helping or hurting your game? A new survey from online dating, says that 27% of singles won't date someone who...
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Lochte Apologizes - Corie Doesn't

Ryan Lochte officially apologizes for the Lie... but how convincing does he sound? It's unfortunate that this is what we'll remember most from the Rio Olympics... In the spirit of sharing white lies, this morning I shared a tale from my college days at East Carolina University, where I lied to a...
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social gathering

Tinder for Married Couples!?

Tinder is launching Tinder Social which is made for couples/groups of people to meet other groups of people in the area to hang out. We here are still trying to figure out if this is more or less sketchy than the current Tinder app.
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Ugly Man

Why you should date an ugly man...

If you find yourself on a first-date over the weekend, and end up a little uneasy because your date doesn't really have a chiseled jaw line and a symetrical face, rest easy knowing there's plenty of great reasons why you should give the ugly ones a little more grace. There's tons of benefits to...
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