The Reason Sharon Stone Was Kicked Off a Dating App

Dating is hard even for one of the most beautiful women in the world. Sharon Stone found herself unable to swipe left or right as she revealed she was blocked from using her Bumble account after users complained believing it was a fake. I went on the @bumble dating sight and they closed my account...
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The Best and Worst U.S. Cities for Single People

Wannabe Carrie Bradshaws beware, New York City may not be the best place to find your Mr. Big. A new study has analyzed the best and worst cities in the United States for single people, and the Big Apple isn’t even in the top 30, according to WalletHub . #Single ? Looking for #love ? Find out where...
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Worst Dates: True Tales From the Morning Show

We all have battle wounds from the dating scene. In a perfect world, you'd have that Hollywood quality first date that would lead into the white picket fence and happily ever after. However, the real deal is that not all first dates will lead to a second. Some great stories come out of this...
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Women Gets Revenge By Changing Netflix Password

We've all had a bad break up and wished we could do something to make us feel better. For most of us, the only thing to heal our heart is simply... time. For others, an opportunity may present itself to seek revenge in a passive aggressive, non confrontational, completely respectable way! A...
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First dates can be stressful. Sometimes stress can cause us to not entirely represent our best versions of ourselves, so I hope you're not doing any of these things... Here are the Top 10 Reasons he might not be looking for a Second Date with you: 10. You're a messy eater. Maybe ribs aren't the...
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Dating Red Flags

So you're getting ready to go on a first date...Everyting is going good UNTIL....!!!!! These are the Top 10 signs that you're going to be dumped on your first date.
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Playing footsie

Flirting,When is OK and How Do You Know?

A new study reveals that we flirt for 5 specific reasons. The most obvious one being that you want to hook up. Maybe you're just wanting to have a little fun. Perhaps flirting is a way to see what it might be like to date that person. Maybe you're trying to be more playful or intimate. Lastly.....
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Cell Phones on Date

Did You Get That iPhone at the Jerk Store?

This morning we opened up a can worms when we started talking about a study we found. According to this article, Android users are 15X's less likely to be attracted to an iPhone user, while Apple users are even WORSE with 21% less likely to be attracted to Android users. So what's the deal? Is an...
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Broken Heart

3 Things Single People Hate to Hear on V-Day

It's that time of year again... single people unite as we approach their most hated day of the year. What some call a "Hallmark Holiday", Valentine's Day is on the way. A new survey said that 65% of single people agree that these are the TOP 3 things they will inevitably hear this Valentine's day,...
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Bad Date

Dating and Voting - Friends or Foe's?

Let's face it, this election is at he top of most conversations. It is monopolizing the news and taking over our lives! So, for those of you out there in the dating world, how is it helping or hurting your game? A new survey from online dating, says that 27% of singles won't date someone who...
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