As The Kids Grow Up, What Does Dad Worry About The Most?

As a society, we definitely make a bigger deal out of Mother's Day than Father's Day, but Dad has had our backs through thick and thin. And though they may show it in a different way, our dads worry about us just as much as our moms do. As we head into Father's Day weekend, we talk about growing up...
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Dad's Get More Credit!

Recently in Ohio, a Father was enjoying breakfast with his small Son at Cracker Barrel. He noticed an older couple staring at them the entire time, smiling. He thought it was strange until he got to his car and noticed a note on his windshield that read “Today your meal is on my wife and me. Enjoy...
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Dad's Heart Makes It Back For the Altar

Jeni Stepien got her wish of being able to feel her Daddy’s heart beat once more on her wedding day. 10 years after her father was murdered, she was reunited with his spirit and love, as the recipient of his heart walked her down the aisle. Filled with great emotion, Thomas, said “What greater...
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