Country MegaTicket

The Wolf's MegaTicket MegaMix MEGA Hint!

You gotta know we've ALL been trying to crack The Wolf's MegaTicket MegaMix #5 for the past two days! So - since you got this far, here's the answer to MegaMix #5: 1.) This Is It 2.) Good Girl 3.) Tequila 4.) What If's 5.) Marry Me Cut on The Wolf - because KATO will ask for you to call sometime...
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Do YOU Know The Wolf's MegaTicket MegaMix?

Y'all...this week is going to be NUTS at The Wolf! I hope you have time to give us a listen, because we're giving away the mack daddy... The 2019 Country MegaTicket! All you have to do is call up, correctly guess all five songs in the MegaMix, and you'll win! Here's all the details, in case you...
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