Corie on the Wolf

Who's Having the Worse PR Nightmare This Week?

There seems to be a three way tie so far for who's having the Worst PR Nightmare this week in the news! In case you've been living under a rock this past week, allow for me to catch you up on what's got our jaws dropping currently. First, United Airlines forcibly removed a Doctor from a flight all...
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Fruit Loop Milkshake!?!?

Well it's finally happened... Burger King has announced that they will begin offering a Fruit Loops Milkshake! Of course, I am the self proclaimed Cereal Frozen Treat Queen, my first job was at the Salisbury DQ where after hours we liked to get creative with Blizzards and our favorite cereals! So...
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Do You Have a Work Wife or Husband?

This guy noticed that his Wife was talking a lot about another guy she works with - how great they get along and how funny he is... apparently this other guy is her Work Husband. So, he did was any curious spouse would do, he checked this Work Husband out on facebook, hoping to find out how funny...
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Corie's Stinky Sailor Joke

Corie's husband, Mike, is a retired Navy Submariner. From time to time she is reminded of her days shipping around the country during his Navy days... the good, the bad, and the STINKY JOKES she picked up from her sailor and his friends! This morning she shared a story she picked up from Mike about...
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Did Chase Set the Bar Too High for Love?

Last weekend marked an important date for young Chase and his NEW girlfriend... their ONE MONTH anniversary. That's right, you read correctly, one month. In celebration of this monumental milestone, Chase planned an epic 48 hour date extravaganza: including hiking, dinner, games, drinks, movies,...
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Woman Apologizes to Starbucks Drive Thru Worker

Just because we're adults, doesn't mean we're pros as controlling our tempers. We're all walking around in this world with a million things on our minds...and sometimes the simplest things can cause us to boil over. Recently a woman was going through the Starbucks drive thru and lost her temper...
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What Distracts You Most When Driving?

There are a lot of distractions when you're on the road these days! What are the most common driving distractions? 1. Eating and Drinking 2. Phone Calls 3. Adjusting the Radio 4. Texting Listen to the Wake Up With the Wolf Crew Discuss and debunk these distractions!
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Electicity Break

WiFi Emergency - What Do You Do?

We've become to dependent on WiFi that it powers our whole lives. So, what happens when the WiFi goes out? Corie described the pure panic experienced at her house last weekend... while Dale and Chase analyzed the situation!
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Sexy Fireman

What's the Sexiest Job for Men?

This morning on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show we asked the question, What is the sexiest job for men? A survey listed the top 10 jobs... and number 1 might surprise you!
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Plumber Crack

8% of People Don't Wear Undies

Just for fun, this morning Dale shared some fun statistics, all sharing one single theme... 8% of people don't wear undies. 63% of us admit to wearing undies two days in a row. 76% of us just go ahead and pick wedgies in public 41% shave their cheeks 2% of us have actually worn butt pads to enhance...
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