Carrie Underwood Baby Shower with The Wolf Team

The Biggest Baby Shower was a HUGE Success, because of you!

Here's reason #2843 why I love y'all who are a proud part of #WolfNation: Monday, we asked for your help celebrating Carrie Underwood's Cry Pretty 360 Tour kickoff here in Greensboro by brining by a pack of diapers for New Life Family Outreach in High Point. These are the folks who help young...
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Wolf Nation Shares Their First Concert For #TBT

In honor of Throwback Thursday, the Wake Up With The Wolf show reminisces about their first concert experiences. Whether it was hearing your favorite artist live for the first time, or sharing a a moment with friends or family, it's amazing the effect that a killer show can have on you. Then Wolf...
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Kenny Chesney returns to Greensboro for the first time in over a decad

WOW! Kenny Chesney is coming BACK to Greensboro!

Fun Wolf Fact: When Kenny Chesney played in Greensboro, The Wolf had only been on the air about six months. Back then, so many early fans of The Wolf came out of the woodwork for a chance to win tickets and tailgate at his show at the Greensboro Coliseum. Now, 12 years later, Kenny's returning to...
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Want to Live Longer? See More Concerts, Science Says

Science says the more shows the merrier.
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Living Longer Through Live Music: Concerts Are Good For Your Health

The next time someone complains about the amount of money you eagerly spend on concert tickets to see your favorite artists, just remind them that you’re investing in your health. A new study has revealed a direct link between regular concert attendance and a longer life expectancy. The study,...
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Brett Eldredge & Edgar Show the Wolf their Fav Backstage Parlor Tricks

It's no secret that the true love of Brett Eldredge's life is his BFF, Edgar! He takes him on the road with him as much as possible, in fact, Brett told us that Edgar has his own BUNK on the bus! Fun fact: Edgar is named after Edgar County, Illinois, where Brett grew up! Looks like a 90s sitcom...
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Blake and Gwen Do Some Pre-Show Shopping in Greensboro

The Wolf had the chance to sit down with Blake Shelton before he took the stage in Greensboro last night. He mentioned that he and girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, did have a chance to do some walking around Greensboro and they made their way to the Wrangler Store, set to close for renovations on Sunday...
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How Blake Are You?

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Concert crowd

Madison Square Garden Teases Futuristic Sphere-Shaped Venue For Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been a booming city for entertainment. But after the owners of Madison Square Garden revealed their plans for a new concert venue, the Vegas concert experience will change forever. The MSG Sphere is proposed to seat 18,000 people, with direct sounds to specific locations in the...
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