Ask Dale: Should Kids Be Paid To Help With Spring Cleaning?

If you've listened to the Wake Up With The Wolf show before you already know this: Dale has the answers! And every week, Dale's inbox is full of listeners asking him what should they do. This week, a woman emailed in after her and her husband were telling their 5 children that they would need to...
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What You Should Be Paying Your Children For Chores Around The House

Today we found out that the average yearly allowance for kids is $471. That's up 3.7% from the year before! So we asked Wolf Nation how they feel about allowances and what do they do when it comes to teaching their kids the value of money: - Kids save 42% of their weekly allowance mostly for...
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Windy Day Trash Blows Over

Kid Learns That Chores Can Be Difficult

If you're a parent you know the struggle all too well - trying to get your kids to help out with the daily chores. Every once in a while you have to kind of feel bad for them when things go wrong.. and they really are trying their best! Video of Kid Struggles with Trashcan on Windy Day
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