Wolf Nation Writes Chase's Wedding Vows

Chase's is wedding is now: 16 days away!!! As he and his fiance Kelsey wrap up all the wedding planning, there is only a few things left to do; one of those things is for Chase to write his vows. But he has a case of writer's block, so we reached out to Wolf Nation to help him write them. How do...
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What Really Happened To "The Lobster Boy"

Grady Franklin Stiles Jr. (June 26, 1937 – November 29, 1992) was a circus show performer. His deformity was genetic condition ectrodactyly, in which the fingers and toes are fused together to form claw-like extremities. Stiles performed under the stage name "Lobster Boy". Stiles was an alcoholic...
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Married Couple

So many engagements, so many brides...which bride are you?

How cool is this?! The Wolf's Frankie and Chase both recently got engaged...but...not to each While they spend the summer planning their respective weddings, we wanna know, what bride are you? For the record, Chase got Bridezilla...
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