We here at 93.1 The Wolf are not health professionals but just like anyone else we are trying to find answers and tips for surviving this dreaded Coronavirus that’s sweeping through our little slice of heaven here in Carolina. We’ve pulled together (from notable sources) some things we think you...
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CDC Releases Graphic Showing Best Facial Hair for Face Masks Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, the CDC is taking extreme precautions and addressing forms of facial hair. The graphic is essentially a “dos” and “don’ts” guide to facial hair when wearing a face mask.
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Get out of jail

Five Things You Need To Know: Get Out Of Jail FREE!

Jail, IHOP and the CDC. That and more in today's five things you need to know.
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Here's Why Experts Are Asking You To Stop Vaping

A 5th person died from a vaping-related illness, with now roughly 450 similar cases of the mysterious lung illness reported nationwide, say health officials. The Centers for Disease Control--which recently warned people not to use e-cigarette devices that could be contaminated wiuth THC or other...
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