Instagram Launches New Feature to Silence Bullies

There is a rise in cyberbullying nationwide, according to the National Center for Education Statistics . Studies from the organization show that three times as many girls are reporting being harassed online or text message than boys. Instagram has released a new in-app feature that is allowing...
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A City's New Anti-Bullying Law Will Fine Parents If Their Kid Bullies Someone

A town in Wisconsin is considering a new anti-bullying ordinance where parents will be FINED if their kids bully anyone at school. The first time your kid does it, you'll have to pay $313 . . . and the price just goes up from there. The city council will vote on whether to pass this ordinance next...
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Hero Salute

Here at the Wolf we like to focus on the positive in the world. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we choose a feel good story and salute a true hero. Today’s Hero Salute Story comes out of Arizona where an autistic 15-year-old kid, named Ty, was bullied for playing Pokemon Go. When his sister took...
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