Do Bride & Grooms Get Each Other Presents For Their Wedding Day?

Chase randomly asked Dale & Amy this question off the mic to which they both had an immediate answer, but wanted Wolf Nation to weigh in. His question? "Do the bride and groom get each other a wedding present?"
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How Much Does It Cost To Be A Bridesmaid?

Weddings can be expensive, even if you're not the one getting married! Chase gets married in September and Amy is the Maid of Honor for her best friend's wedding in June. The Wake Up With the Wolf show talks about the expense of it all, and what things are a "must" when it comes to the events...
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Best Man Hijacks Wedding By Proposing During Ceremony

This guy may be the "worst best man ever." Actually, he totally IS the worst best man ever. A recent bride wrote into Slate's advice columnist, "Dear Prudence," after her husband's best man totally hijacked her wedding. The best man (who is called " John" ) proposed to his girlfriend (who is called...
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