Break Up

Should It Be Required to Unfriend Your Friend's Exes?

Amy received a " Can we talk? " text from a friend. It turns out, that she is still friend's with her friend's ex. The friend asked her to either unfriend him or "monitor" what she's posting. Do you automatically unfriend your friend's exes? What if they get back together? Do you re-add them to...
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1 in 10 People Have "Scrooged" Someone, Have You?

Chase coined the term "holibreak" but it turns out that breaking up with someone before the holidays so you don't have to buy them a present already has a name: Scrooging. And 1 in 10 people have done it. Have you?
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What Name Did Your Ex Ruin For You & Why?

We all have that one person who, even though we've "moved on," has completely ruined it for everyone else. We're talking what name did your ex ruin for you and why?!
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Should You Get Time Off For a Break Up?

We've all been there... we've had our hearts broken and it's difficult in those next few weeks/months to see how our lives will ever move forward again. One company in the Philippines has issued a new way to help you get through this time in your life. They offer what they call "Break Up Leave" and...
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Ex Girlfriend

Should You Still Be Friends With Your Ex?

88% of people admit to creeping on their ex's facebook pages to keep up with them after they break up. 2/3 of people admit to using a friend's facebook account to check up on ex's. 30% of people say they post new pics just to try and make their ex's jealous. Upon reviewing these statistics this...
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