Over 40 Church Members Test Positive for COVID: 'We Knew What We Were Getting Into'

After a week-long revival at a baptist church in the small town of Strawberry, Alabama, more than 40 churchgoers have tested positive for coronavirus with many displaying common signs of the virus. Read more now.
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7 Country Icons to Perform at 50th CMA Awards

The 2016 CMA Awards will be a big deal! It marks the 50th Anniversary and this year 7 Previous Entertainer of the Year Winners are set to perform! These 7 Country Music Icons Will be performing at the Same Venue on the Same Night! If you add them all up, these 7 Icons have received 375 CMA Awards...
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Country's Top Southern Anthems

Country music has expanded in recent years to include influences from other genres like rock and pop. In honor of this Throw-Back-Thursday we made a list of our favorite country songs from past decades that represent that deep Southern Pride and remind you of some of the best anthems in country...
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