TIPS: Dale's Advice to Liven Up Your Love Life

Dale's Tips on How to Liven' Up Your Love Life! Take cooking classes together! Spice Up your love life IN the kitchen *wink wink* Make your own wine or beer! Go to an old-school arcade! The competition can get your heart rate up! Go horseback riding! Women love the stimulation... Go to a Trivia...
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Broken Heart

3 Things Single People Hate to Hear on V-Day

It's that time of year again... single people unite as we approach their most hated day of the year. What some call a "Hallmark Holiday", Valentine's Day is on the way. A new survey said that 65% of single people agree that these are the TOP 3 things they will inevitably hear this Valentine's day,...
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Women Hitting Man With Flowers

Men Give Marriage Advice

This morning on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show, Dale shared some insightful research he'd discovered on marriage - and the man's perspective. Ten things that men wish their wife would do... or not do to improve their marriage. Corie certainly didn't restrain her true feelings on the topic! Listen...
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