You're Too Old to Make a Christmas Wish List

Wednesday, November 15th


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Let's touch on what you're saying I don't want I don't will start to discussion on this right now but I want you to think about this this is a friend of Tories did you look something up on FaceBook that I find. Increased so. An adult friend of mine she's probably eat your word is a goal 3030 wine are on now does give you scenario she's not married and does not financial. Ian not in relation vanity that I know. So she decided yesterday T creates a Christmas. Wish list. All of the things that she would like gifts that he might not think she is a birthday close to Christmas to use and she felt like it was important to go ahead and put a list together for all of her free and in name only on face. That wish to buy her sending for Christmas and Herbert. Now do you she wanted to make it clear delineation between this is my birthday. And this Christmas and they are two different gift giving occasions at Philly she kind of explain that in her posting of the linked to her list on but the list does is all in one it's not T separate list it's one wishlists. Are very dangerous so what do you think about that it it amounts to a gift registry it exactly it's it's almost like no wedding registry. And it to be quite honest I of course. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked at it reminded me of gay wedding registry a little bit and makes me and so they are a few of my favorite brand new thing if you English goma's leaned in and you know I donated Othello. It it not a vanity I mean it works a lot online registries did you aim has line in Wal-Mart are common target Docomo these types of places where she is pulled items. Including close it's a good idea if you're a cement and yeah. Threat anyway what do you think. Carolina country not cruel and I know four or they'll Bryan Corey and chase. Corey mentioned earlier about somebody she saw on FaceBook that created this Christmas list this wish list. Posted up on the public page with links to word stuff. And the whole nine you're an adult yet a 31 year old adults he predicted this for her free in this well I bring that up again because I just spotted a server today. That That's knows that 40%. Of adults create a Christmas wish. Now I have done that since I was a child male. And now part of that may be because it's. Once we had kids it's like we do is we basically just taught by each other presidents really we just bought the kids dinners you know and remain. On. Because most people this over the course of the year whatever the if they really want it they just didn't buy for yourself they just get it and it's not it is is just. Why bother them you know he's just did get something to give somebody because it's time to give them. We just opulent net. So I mean I just have yeah I wouldn't have never sent to child have thought of creating a Christmas wish. Now some. And the inning is important is he doesn't have heated yet so in she still single so this is something and that may be. You know is a tradition and her family is an interesting that it wasn't like she hinted to her mainly she posted a for everyone to see and looked and they're acting on there. Like household items like you know decorative things pillows candles. The did it with all the way it's cute clothes she picked out like sweaters and pay here in my side there's yeah as. Yeah leap that that's really shocked me castles have war Kashmir respect bird even silly even my mom's on this namely she's won a five kids and then they have kids. And then we have kids so mean they're just where Q2 that they only if the adults don't get president's war just the smallest kids I mean we're talking in light in an under. He took to turn into a drawing many parts the family was so big and I should remain so you had one kid. To get one gift for because we're so many children. An even been you kind of either ask that person directly what they whine or. I am a parent and that is I don't know I don't know anything about snow all create a Christmas wish list on aim is on. But it's just it's really more of a year round thing does put things on the air for my husband if he wants device and then it any given time he just Eleanor. Your kids when I was twenty gift card doesn't wanna get what they want and does whatever you get them is gonna be wrong for and don't ever think that I would not my mother remember Whitney of course gift cards were as big with they were just starting gift certificates were coming. As she would never do it because she just thought that was the most impersonal thing forget that man. If you gotta keep you get a teenager on your list don't even think about Miami thing. You get in the gift card the foot locker or so are some cash and be done with it because that's what they want it would get what they want to his wherever you get them is going to be. It's not gonna be stylish is not gonna be in the not gonna like it it's gonna be the wrong material fabric. Don't even bother don't work on city the attack you for ended. Put up this list yet. In the childish. The idea. I think sent more info from this Survey 50% of people re gift things that they get. Everybody says come on Ilya. 50% of people say they are always the person buying the perfect gift they feel like they or they are. In tune with the people they buy gifts for and that they give they buy is the perfect get half the people are believed he'll say or that purse out. On 24% of people say their partner is the toughest person by Christmas for four. And now I guess yes and 40% 46% of people will spend the most on their spouse. This race. Which is interesting to me because I don't know how that balls percentage what did you think it's been much more on the kids than you would on your spouse and oh yeah this Christmas is going to be huge in our house all this is a wanted man why is it true as you know she's knows what's going on she gets and a yes let me tell why it's so cute it is the greatest one of the greatest parts of being a parent yet solved it really is and I miss it. I miss doing all yes certainly diet soda.