Your Most Memorable Toy

Wednesday, December 13th

The Wake Up With the Wolf Show reflects on their most memorable toy received for Christmas!


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They're like country 93 when the wolf. Thanks for all your calls about the gifts the one you'll never forget. We all sort of recounted the ones that we remember for me it was the walkie talkies for Corey easy day out and that. Ali just wanted to win so bad how many girls want it that easy bake and it was one of the hottest possible gift you yet Iron Man. An all conference whine when you you can get a different colors if you note the you can still get and now they still had yet and out there. They've improved them greatly. You mean he probably is saying the he's got his improvement in those things as to what this spearhead and Little League mom yeah this year yeah I'd eat them because they made it maniac either Leo so what your gifts caller six. You know wolf a wanna know what they are. Norm then you do a bear. I'm doing and Poland have pat let it end. I cannot wait aren't and it actually teach a secret or it at all. Oh my goodness how old were you when you ask for the. I'm glad we're able. And I am Madonna years old and I never got Corky and I'll at all opt out now on eat it still have hiring you don't creek all about ball. Otter quirky you know long LePera whatever Allah and adults are. That was Robert laid a debt at a morning current. While now deuce who do you was that it's and a wrap that dollar was an unwrapped just laying into victory. Mount olive. I didn't I'm in that ash shooting at an integrated at all. I'm. Dealer at. Thanks Colin. Whoever. I had 652 that's why Christmas is like your job you'll lower the flag Adams who disagree and say OK is now.