Thursday, July 27th


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And a cancer and manager on the wolf that'll write soaring jays five signs your job is making you miserable now. To step up strap in folks you can't you work with a one of us hit. The number one you hate your co workers. Six feet. Meaning a lot of them not just that guy and sales and smells like feet tall guys and say although there's are OK and all that stress trickles down the rest of your life spending a lot of time hate your coworkers and energy and a number two you hate Sundays. Because you know on solo is hanging back if you have to go back to work on Monday I think maybe RC two little different as we can get up at. Midnight hour and thirty pursued him it's it's still Sunday were enough and yet we use on over rook welcome work. Number three feel underpaid. Now. I holed up. They're very few people that I think would say they feel. Actor that they're paid. The airlines and the doors I feel like I'm paid great woke up a team great is that adds it at a senate office where they're going for their reviews. And delight says sent into. Jan engines is IMAX asking for paid decreased. Usually does Stephen why would you do that he was like a silly and over pay and Casper deep creek equals. Respectful. Illegally ship them like this and know what's the whole thing over cardinals series. You never see your friends or family. No indication by like your job you're such a workaholic you don't ever see him you know I don't know in some jobs that you and I've taken a lot of home yet. In the fifth sign your job is make you miserable. You go on and on about how bad your job is every chance you get the you mentioned moan and complain everybody to listen to you about how rotten your job and guess what. Yet. And we hear anymore special people post on FaceBook about that no. Who really do that that's really brazen I don't know I've never seen that before people complaining about and I love the underhanded. You know sort of passive aggressive comments that people put up there. I don't go. People who any time something happens in the office work. They'll go right to FaceBook page and put up one of those blue walls were you type this dude it's the yes wall and you typed and I heard about their job like in discreetly Arnold does go early. Some people would learn boundaries. Some people wouldn't consciously come and in my office and complained about that. We can build a but we're just trying to sell girl scout content. People I know do all the and after five side.