Your Gym is Filthier Than a Toilet

Wednesday, May 17th


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He had a gym this morning no question there but I don't know that there's no one of these abilities. Studies have been done the shows how much we'll keep germs are on this stuff here on how much stuff is on the step you touch every day when you go in there. They have the little most in either have like a spray bottle Wragge yeah you're right downwind or are they if it's really. Wasteful they have the little thing he'd just pull it down might get thrown away like the disposable wipes. When the network know how. Researchers took samples three different gyms as he now. Gross the equipment was coming germs were on it and they compared to how many germs and other things that are nasty that you might come in contact with the 70% of the bacteria they found was that kind can accuse it. Three things that were actually covered in funky bacteria. On that can make you sick are the free weights like dumb bells on the handlebars and in the exercise bike. In the handlebars on. Pat here's here's how they baca. Freeways have 34 times more bacteria than a lunch train cafeteria. 64 times more than average water faucet in a public bathroom. And 362. Times more bacteria than toilets all I know you guys see toilet seat are really. That nasty because they're so the wipes to wipe with disinfectant in public places gets wiped disinfect it. Daily rain on several times. In fact. You would get less bacteria if you ate lunch off the toilet seat in your office rather than eating could offer a lunch for. Goal. My next goal today is that the bad the next chased challenge is challenge each airlines all of the toilet seat. Well it's evidently is certainly a lot more milk and eat just off the street of cafeteria tree gosh. Yeah history isn't just. Fingers coach. And team as they Gallagher red beard and. The worst of the group for the handles an exercise bikes and treadmills they have both had about forty times as much as a lunch tray seven times as much as a awesome pollute bathroom. In over 400 times as much bacteria. On a port city. Gosh yeah. Yet another reason not keen on going to the gym. Or is such a germ of. Achy back is gonna be with me all the time now you know you've built a community.