You Know Your Mom Still Does This and You Love It

Friday, May 12th


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Carolina country now if you want the wolf you know moms and dads are always famous for saying these things to you. Or yelling just sort of they do the same things ever and ever that are really funny like they're classic pains that your mom or do you. What about your mom what's one thing was when these things she just does. And quirky this well. They tell me if only if you got mom says she still holds a grudge against kids a new wrong to be like decade. Like it that that Jimmy if I ever see that again I'm Kim I don't like mom I was teeing and I don't I don't your your lady on. Yeah my mom wouldn't thing you know it's a valid political list of things that your mom Butler every one mom does that are really funny they're kind of endearing. They tell me if your mom does the things on the list. Ari Levy you in the grocery store line while she goes to grab her. And I didn't just stay here and gravel worth English. And I think they're gonna get a copy back Robbie and. And cuts so close coming back. It is like the cashier's look at it again. Yeah my mother does that mean now we get a job and yet he goes you've got a caller you can maybe you can say they get to that point yeah. How about text with just one thing here. Yeah. It's marry. Holder arm I'm pretty when they flame on the right yeah oh yeah. Friend of mine and high school who mom did this to him so much when he was little that he thought it was so funny we'd be in the car in every time he'd approach just plant or stop like he'd. Or are out there. Yes this is one of my favorites literally always has tissues on her in case you need line. My mom always has baby light in her car because they're like the fix offer everything you can clean up almost eighty met the baby right. In so even in high school and college I would have been right in my car. Just in case my mom was that napkins and see Gretzky didn't think my mom has only one thing glove compartment. It happens anywhere you go out yet always the web never got New Zealand at speeds you're probably did. On that indeed you are actually. There now. Our eye and then here's this is that the that I know what happened DJ they Hindi email that was addressed you entered in an open. Isn't she's pretty decent man that used to run all over and he yeah she's so he dressed too yeah I still get mail occasionally does rain ends up at my parents' house and its always open I just want to check in. He's become an easy read papers that don't need an open right up almost an mean a thing for autocratic yeah. It. It's good stuff that we loved moms we love you you do it every why didn't he do and it.