You Don't Know Her Like I Do Challenge

Wednesday, October 19th


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You know then that I'm. Hang on me. He cannon bone. All of this week at 745 chances to win Brantley Gilbert tickets. Good old fashioned round you don't know we're like I do injuries on the line in Winston-Salem what good Andrea Koppel C I hear you yet the most free Brantley Gilbert concert tickets if you text b.s G to 99 for world for real connects your chance to win the first you're not seat with you don't know quarry like guys. All right it the better acquainted here with. Some fun facts about our my sister from another mister your quarry on the wake up it'll show I'll read it you've got to get two of the three correct Andrew. And you win Brandhuber concert tickets okay. Sorry and that tour false Andrew in Winston-Salem quarry group from Seattle to Cape Canaveral. Bolts Corey that's true I did by. Let's hear and we moved from Seattle to Florida and we drove it you lead you to drum beat Indiana served together element take you. Will we took two weeks to do I need a vacation now wow yes that sounds fun I believe he can do it in 48 hours shouldn't there to diaper the goats. I all right ABC get these two right eager to make this happen are true or false alarm and oh man I could feel it. After college Cory dropped 85 pounds by eating only Jack links beef jerky. You'll also faults that is all that's when I started taking up running. So you literally 85 pounds by running I beating Jack. Right good job. Our rates. Final one for the winter Braly goober concert tickets for for an injured Winston-Salem true or false. Corey. Was and Dexter in the music video. My for Miley Cyrus is party in the USA. Wrong. Doing little bullish. But also multiple. That is correct I would not there's no way they couldn't pay me enough money to be in that you can get your say but here's a fun fact about Korea actually was an extra in the Miley Cyrus wrecking ball. Video says there is an island. First our words here congratulations you're gonna see Brantley and. And to.