Worst Dates: Tales From the Morning Show

Tuesday, January 30th


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Regular with a wolf a stable Bryan Corey chase 713 sunny today in 39 the average bad date last. And our nation and our you say I would probably say about thirty minutes to an hour one point four hours how do you get out of it that fast. Once you're already bad enough they need you get out of it went. Maybe concentrate has a MySpace and just lock and really we're talking reunion did through that or even just say look I I somewhere a tyrant who would rather be. Did you get up what about honesty just go you know what this is going well all you and are never gonna hit it off I'd like you take me around. And straight deploying today you know I've never been bold enough to do that employs just suffered through it you waited for the three male. We're talking more about the band aid situation I'm more interest in bad date stats coming that we wanted to hear your bad date stories worst date ever. What was the worst date ever so you'll have to think about it. I salute you have to go OK I got to rank and now what's what's the number one what's number two. We won number one worst bad date effort into how long did it last Judea. Bad dates worst ever. We've been discussing and in here. Everybody's got a story at least one who's up first. Court. Mine distributed share it and as early it's more of an awkward situation went on the first day with a guy came to pick me up on and we waited to arrest try and all the sudden it's a week we got into our meals you heard a very large pasta meal. Like. Carry large. Sounds like me about halfway through his plate. He excused himself to the restroom in the next 45 minutes he was gone. I. I was elected the table like moon's visit before. But eighty when he finally returned to the table I knew there was nowhere to recover from that he was gone for 45 minutes and I news. That he just need to double and Mary hit it there was no getting past it couldn't get past and I know I can give has just because a guy who went and took a massive just yeah it did. You think guys yeah. Was this a spicy pasta should. Must it it was a it was a spicy like at Alfredo kind of aimed at but it was cagey and spin on our so you continued today though you're already on the day you're already at dinner I couldn't finish I'm meal the battered lol I important factor bathrooms were very close proximity to where you're sitting here and it. Don't go don't tell me I don't hear things. I thought I won't tell you that I can here's what you could your I can hear things. This poor guy so this guys to come out fake issue yes he had he had to drop me home. Now did you hear you finished dinner obviously you can finish your meal that you have to you've got to get it I can't get out yeah I kind of teetered around with I think you don't play and push him around yet. And if he was dying conversation kind of fell off after that and we call an early so exempted him did you suggest he take you home. Any it was a mutual understanding in DC is awaiting a bare stents like Erica I just I just hadn't yet unleashed here about three feet former behind the door where she can probably hear. Or skull and yet I heard on he's he's happily married with a family he's doing really well I'm I'm. And had an artery plumbing in and Iceland and now he's going to the detriment to a net with a the world with the Dorian and I just. I wasn't gonna be that girl for him I think he knew it right away to the bathroom door I was not tiger I'll hop on. Our ally use excel when I hear your bad dates or the worst day he ever been on the worst date ever. Carolina country 93 won all the 732. Sunny and 39 today bad date six say no wolf how much yours hello. Amare and I'll and Arab navigate heard scorer. Williams the big story and yes well out into the date. I had been racially divorce nowadays and the girl Harlow is didn't get a good vibe about it on chaps my bulk. In my head pro long pass and looked up better. It's better in a little walk away not at that helped a lot ago. I don't put up. And that decided they didn't. Yeah out there did not know I attribute that yeah Arab. Now thanks for college all right I optima. I've never experienced that. A point. Gathered I don't agree with the dogs don't dogs and give -- get a vibe on people in a second. Especially children oh yeah especially kids are 733 were tar MM mandates I mean is we'll just jump in here. But it is along time ago so I take this girl go out. And again like this guy just said bad vibe renegade. Doesn't talk much Gallup poll every word out of London was people like this where you just. No matter what you say you just can not pull any conversation on. You can give them an open ended question that would require more than an hour or got a yes no and they can still figure out ago. And now. But I do for living. No. Yeah exactly I wish I was in OK so it was a it was a bit of the drive to get to work. So you're trapped in the car any. A lot and it's this these all worried I just can't get it going and he come on you at all. To be I can talk all day long but I need some help here yet still the one words the grunts in Newton's. And we we we need to do we do is we're going to restaurant there. There we order. We get to the point where reporter still just a more awkward silences just awful I'm just the moment I wagers athlete she won a deed it was a really awkward season yet. Yes yeah. She's pointing. So the by inner voices to escalate knock it out of his how to get out of this panel I get out of this now I got to get out as mr. It turns I'd have to worry about it and she goes excuses herself to the restroom. With a grunt. And in the course of going to the bathroom. Had so would pick her up. And. And no less sure. After we ordered. One. All. Curfew came how did you know before she was gone I well at first I thought maybe it was a situation like you're talking about press O guys she said she's had an attack of some kind of type of gallbladder situated right. I had written it. So I'm thinking oh my gosh so the there's that minute where you know. As a human being you're worried about the other human being ready is something is something wrong TV well. Is gonna find out that someone saw her leave with someone else. Is your day. They will deal eighty. They're I don't care how old that the data as you'll do that that that it's just not good day but I think hardy was probably like so we know it's still. It's hardly was OK do you ever talked to this moment again no ABC you're since then no you won't sit well your name I need to look up this Hasina. But later on trade life. My marriage for me it's. Now 36 bad date stories you won't hear yours chase next. And grade two choices turn them Koreans. Decided forum which storage needs to tell because he told us the two would glories picked the one. Does it yeah I was young and dumb in high school and this is a high school okay yes I actually I pictured you older. I just as our graduation a high school. Of course ending graduation ceremony on the football field and everybody's going to do something after. So after words. A original actually remember who I originally invited knows uses girl that else talking to their lives in eastern North Carolina. Only on or about it. And she drove down a ways to see me. At the same time another girl dead in my class that like Maine that I invited the same time. Duo showed up at all time so at a graduation party they both show up. Cabrera is expected to spend a little quality time with yes correct end so we went to dinner one saying. We'll know you can do three of you went to dinner together. Winds with the rest of the graduation anger that we wouldn't you know it goes the current situation so it wasn't necessarily awkward at first. At first yes so once said to left ones after the round I. I'm glad he's he didn't pictures or Graham and dumb we oh yeah. It was it was a little longer and how long did it take for dean to figure out that the other good design they only knew right away. Funny thing is now. Dave does hate me but they're free ice again later that they are free and. That is how it happens but they didn't know each other at the time negative some of well like a disappointed to say some of my good girlfriends are ones that we both had the same experience with big act. You meet some of the best women that way you can you can Kenny you know flap over a common enemy. This is this is fascinating to me OK so so so elaborate on that just a little bit so. Just like if you dated somebody and then you find out you you do it at talking his ex she's like oh my gosh yes evening have a demean and boom. You guys have an instant bind them through this what happened to the two girls that you buy ET on a date and yet last I checked they still stated and this was like there right trade debt to our friends are querying has some spots. Yes. So really did him a favor your right I mean France. You you were you were you Rhode girlfriend management. Exactly. Wow thank you for an up and they should be thanking me. Worst day through orders story sixers though wolf is a number.