Worst 1st Date at the Fair

Friday, September 30th


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Test the waters here only cable show who's down to win three airy church tickets anybody. Wow that's a lot of people at the hero hugging your mobile by the radioed. And those give the air Richard song of the day. Teller Decker is our song of the day today. Hey can you hear that song. Is calling beat number twenty we'll give and take. Can you be the twentieth caller to win to the show that will probably sell out by march of 27 team. I would have a hard time telling Talladega like I go to searches and I can ever find it yapping is not spelled the way it's. It looks right it looks like tall it does fifteen Elvis tricky Paul who goes anyway it was a for that all day today here on the wolf and you could be our big winner. Cited for the Dixie classic fair starts today we just I got an hour and a half or whatever in Winston-Salem. They've countdown clock. Yes physical with his other than new stuff the fear this year more free fair more free more fear food or big Q rides and stuff like that. They're going to be serving up but winks it's a twinkie in twigs wrapped in bacon and shoved up the twinkies. Saturday deeper I was sugar on top. My apps and tweaks the tweaks like yes that's also the feeling you get your chest after you read it few weeks. And zero racket appeared he dressed as like with all. The pins. Sometimes a bit of a rather fair writer to know why. Well I've always been one that all right eighty air ride yet right in my husband on the and he and he doesn't trust that Iraq all that much. In fact whenever we were probably fourteen we went on our first date now he thought of the day I despise is not free we're going to appear together. I've 300 him for like ten years after that says a friend anyway. I lately. You just threw way too much out there. Fourteen years old yeah friends and said man did your mother or his mother drive you my mom and a minivan outside their hair that he told the man got a date Afghans will be bad again. So he's putting on his best on the best cargo. This quarter or payments up. Different it would LC would have. Fourteen he had some blind tips and it's hair I want you look like go after a musical singer at the fair to bear it got it semi being geared. Daredevil mildly cool we need to go on this try to Matt Ryan an upside down and twist an intern and he was Lego and as a fourteen year old boy who is not any bright bright enough to know that friends and really means. Your friend and we should be trying to chase after he's going on them right yet he's he powered a powered through character you okay. Until we got see this one ride I still remember it's called Alibaba in it's nothing real special it's kind of looked like flat and it just goes around in the circle. There's no upside down or anything cash flow we get on the ride and he's like the forties like me just councils have now been on on this ride around like old Dubya was reminded again honor whenever it's fine you're my buddy. You know this ride the we get online in we do a couple leaves and then all of a sudden it happened. But says he just hurts you lean his dinner all over there right now they're shooting the best part about this is number one. You puke at Pataki catch it again on the way on the bottom. And her hair. It starts to change your reactions and everybody else are thrown that you just everywhere all over the place. It only took me twelve years ago on another day with him and like I married and would seem giant circle vomit so I can eat spaghetti now there.