Thursday, November 2nd


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One of the hottest shows on Netflix is stranger things I've never seen you guys keep recommended to me I'm gonna watch it. He's into his hour and a half at thirty yet because my husband and I. The impact that we can do we won't watch it without each other but the odds to being able to sit down together to watch a show with a toddler at home. Really the only reason why has our it is because I have an inability to pertains like a scene sending for the first time. So if I'll watch it in my own. I know that if we watch it together there's no way I can hide it from on parity and what's happening you can't keep from now but at what I'm just I'm not good and why a number one I don't have a good poker face. So it's having shocking happens I blow it. Fresher. Well. This is like. The peak your version of revenge and 21217. Would've made any sense ten years ago but today. It's super passive aggressive and non confrontational here's what you do. She did it Samantha power and from Sacramento California she's nineteen years old. And had a bad break up with a boyfriend now imagine that nineteen and a bad break up that they aren't they together for her don't know why didn't work out. And on Monday she figured out that he was still using. And that well. Oh or oh Eli he was still using it. She went on the happened saw someone was being enjoy watching the new season of stranger things. And it was hidden. So she got the ultimate revenge. She waited and witness halfway through season and then changed the password. To boot him off. And yeah yeah. And is there and she waited about what she did and it is now going viral. My girl. So there you go man I got I got it handed to her that's pretty good. Didn't cost him 1199 to finish that theory blew a little before nine now.