Wolf Den Star William Michael Morgan talks youngin's

Saturday, February 4th

Does William Michael Morgan think there's a place for traditional country music?

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I'm doing good bad an idea what this the first cowboy hat have seen over the entire CMA awards so far and that's. Richer keep in your keep any country even though you've got a song that wasn't that it was written by Sam hunt to me about this. Austin country but yeah I mean Sam wrote the song and we fell in love with a you know and first time we heard it and it's this one of those deals that as cliche as it sounds we did on the with a you know we just had to cut it we knew we had because it. When the song you can stop listening to after it's in the need to hear like the original as it's written and ideally we were only there for sure for sure you know but as with any other. Songwriter and another song writer song in any ethnic groups you know you have to make use. And which you do you know as an artist. We'll tell me about this then tell me about where you're coming from are we swinging back and more traditional sounds something you wanna preserve it. Just one down making music man I don't know what the whole industry can do that is. I'm it's just me you know make in the music that I grew up phone and then a low you know I grew up on more of a traditional style of country music though. That is of course with him be more influence than my music so as far as like a pendulum swing in anything like that I have no idea man and his. But you're so lucky to be a part of the swing to you you've got to add a new. Knew him within Jessica a couple of days of arts and gold mine allowing. This she's seven months now what have you big take a wait seven months. Is really changed my life a lot because it was all about me was all about 1000 do without is planning on doing from a feature when I was gonna I would elegant dude is an then do that. But now it's all about heron you know college in and her life and her. Haven't walked up optimize mobile friends and I'm just thinking about all that's and it just killed in the TV that's going to change how you wanna go about it the next few years of your color of course you know again you know I'm not just working for me no more more for her. And you know just blessed to be a part of her life and to be able to touch a human being in some way.