Win for Austin Dillon, Kyle Busch Sore Loser

Tuesday, May 30th


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Big race in weekend I mean I don't care what kind of racing new life. There was something for everybody this weekend I was going around the television and there's everything from you you're literally running around here. Yes but after I did I said that yes and that's reprimand him and there was everything from Grand Prix race seeing. In Monte Carlo. And into the Indy 500 you know into the your medical political exams yet that they got didn't make it out the tailgate O'Reilly you know ordinarily wouldn't be an awesome done I'll watch a couple little bit. All of it on TV is really hard being at and lost to catch all that but I did see. Are free and at RCR Austin Dillon hit with his first wean. Here at the Coca-Cola 600 that's awesome really awesome yet what better is that. He ran out of gas as he was crossing the finish line. That takes and special. Timing in guts right there didn't hang let it grind that hello again right there yet. You get he'd press coverage there with what Kyle Busch had to say about it I can see into this morning I'm somebody needs to smooth. He he came to take place and apparently he was very upset about that they asked the reporter you are eager to press coverage after the -- so he awaiting about a probable lie and he he said well congratulations what he has a road you find out. Hand held microphone I guess they were passed them around and I hope he he was laying down and he picked and he knows. I'm just frightening thing you more regulation. And just throws them right now when this. Right rotten look him I don't know this is normal as I am just now becoming obsessed with the sport. But I do not think that that's what you call sportsmanship repair. She's not just for a guy of that and stature of that caliber to do. To do that just does not do it now I'm sure he heard about it and it was I'm sure his team and get answered let me tell area that was not true and English at all tweet him and call him up or. But I mean it's it's like you should it surprise me to summon that kind of experience ray. And that kind of background in the sport would do that. And Michelle lucky some kids have some she's just starting. Re a guy everybody knows this guy. Well it was a great win for Austin Dillon you know his first one errant. Let's IU that he did know he is the grand sign Richard Childress and he drives the number three car which was Earnhardt dale earnhardt's car set up pressure there no rooms are great win. And he celebrated and are you see him do a belly slide like across the grass everything really get in then my boy Paul Menard came mean. With it. I know thirteenth place he came and which as they started staged three I I did away from the TV for a little bit to their Geary starts aged three saw her current NASCAR they're in the room is now talker today yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah so I'm trying to understand. I don't know that I'll with the outlook and he'd like number one you like first in the pack of like how did he liked when he wondered when he dear. Down on the Internet then he decided not to pit of course as soon as they start staged theory he he did have new tires on him he just each got app and burst earn. Ali in people and so I don't understand I guess you. You get points for starting at stage and stuff like that but why would he choose not to pit when a court that was a bad choice maybe somebody can X. Well you're the drivers who can't pay tremendous reduces the restroom right as it was happening comes back and also play a lot happier. The currency debt deal and a bit and I allies and I have.