Willie Nelson's Weed

Wednesday, September 21st


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I'd say about thirteen minutes from now we'll tell you hear your song of the day won't be there when you hear it you call appeared so 68 years 730 wolf you're the color twenty. Bingo bingo UB the winner reared church tickets all day here on the world famous wolf and we'll make it even easier for you. Let's just say your busy personal stuff to do today will text you when Stan McConnell wolf whip. Nine there's no excuse for not at least give an editor you know so wind text win WI in the 99404. Q Willie in the south there. So there's a photo going around. Fifty on the other side of the border open date in full at bridge way. Afterwards saying woman Bruno need to be concerned about is there's a photo of the man Willie Nelson hanging out with you were governor. NEC is less named. The gulf McNulty. I do because of governor Virginia to its Willie Nelson in the Virginia governor sinner and you now have a good time on Willie score bus. But there's a problem. There is a can of Willie's a reserve marriage you wanna sitting on the table right Smith's it's. In the details here and there gathered there is. Well I think we've heard here's a question GP fed the governor number wind knows what that it. One should we don't you think that's part of the test when you go into your governor test they say are you need to know basic things and everybody knows this Lemerre do one looks like. And this is how you balanced the budget in different. Now well. He's that they can read like eighth and then about it as a thing pot is illegal in the state of Virginia the last Elena this last I checked and so he's just hanging out. On the bus and they are still too if you're the governor are you no matter how. Come. Famous the person is it you're seeing should did you say amen. Line. Up and I'll take a lion yeah. I didn't like it please put it away. So here's the other thing is that we took the picture I'm sure he has some light. Punk teenage kid that is that he's PR percent that is totally okay let's get out of the picture let me Photoshop without Photoshop the big old you know can we. It doesn't here's the thing that doesn't the governor hang out with the Highway Patrol guys. You know that was devastate. Trooper with a little times yeah. Maybe you know maybe he's just hanging out economy and now it's just the Jamaican sun look. I had no new plan. Waco little show good morning good morning good morning dvd air Richard songs they are about four minutes from now than years playing later Dale Wolf. You call up your color twenty bingo bingo you dropped mama to three or church concert. Caught on your feet coming. Blow back in right out of there. I was thinking about this story to a few minutes ago about this governor of Virginia and a Willie Nelson with a candle we'd sit right here on the table right just. You know what may be more missing though the bigger picture here what's that maybe just maybe Willie Nelson need to come down to Raleigh. And in Pat McCrory need to get Allah I you know to say than any other guys early guess and she get home you know Willie's bus. Just talk on the bus in June and let simmer just relax old flip another belt that if you let your hair down. Did this in the go ahead to be some good brother who handed to. You mop bottom water sports network for my teen years in and out of jail by now compare him but don't. I don't know what's your similar what's your secret for lasting fourteen years. Working at what. He's free candy do we see act. Fourteen years of marriage dull moments that the lives. Now. You're supposed to say loan commitments. Doing a 100% over. What are you reading the love languages book to one another. You know I asked. The love the every Friday night we watched fireproof with Kurt can all my gosh. Okay. On each.