Why Today Doesn't Suck

Monday, October 10th


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Hang in with the band theory here and we couldn't shoot more fun with him a hot minute but first of your favorite segment of the show. College and tell you why TJ doesn't psyched are you ready let's do it for the first time in twelve months I can officially without guilt. Come to work. In my boots in and police car without your judgment. I really don't want to Dade doesn't suck. Let's homecoming seasons you've got homecoming event bigger churches NN anchor colleges and everything he knew that means what things pop baby. I can have my cake in my brownies right next not baked spaghetti might have much he hasn't happened and I have to alligator as they asked we have not wait. I make. If you are eight and on your in the world like myself today is going to be a great day you know why. Plus yeah. I had to go to the Dixie classic fair grounds right now with a metal detector and you can make I would say about 5060 dollars and just loose pocket change to spell out during those round. Rise and they feel out of the real tough to defund the Atlanta Braves had called me. Let's go to see him. Though I know I know I know. Ever Oriole at various reasons to beat plus heard from the election to the bad weather for the economy to. Somebody posted today on FaceBook you like but here's a view you have got to take the responsibility today to make it the best whenever Korea and its.