Why Today Doesn't Suck

Friday, September 30th


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Wake up won't show its claim Corey good morning my name. So much stuff to be thankful for this morning put us in a good state of mind or is it north favorite segment of the show you ready let's do it. Friday wide today doesn't stuff. Plus there was this are things. We've gone 23455. Days without any butt hurt from the state of North Carolina so yeah. Unfortunately. I think it's so they're making crap but we'll save. Blog what's it. My sister from another mister gore usually like today does it suck. Well we've had some rain and thunderstorms likely into it came time for me it's a new windshield wipers and you're an adult when you get super pumped about that. This court outlawed on hearsay and a window is going to may and that led. Really it's. Yeah it is inside because the Dixie classic fair is starting Winston-Salem. Suit ten straight days we wandered around the fairgrounds are all the carnival rides a global. This sandwich bag full of assorted nuts bolts and screws second hole now the grandkids you had managed just down easily right beside does that yeah. There's certain. Last go around. Word on the street is this there's a lot of fun heard everywhere you turn and you yourself have got to make a very important decision this morning. Are you gonna let him drag you down or are you gonna make today the best of your life poorly you do now. And beyond we go with the wolf show good morning you. Meaning a.