Why Today Doesn't Suck

Wednesday, September 28th


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Wake up we'll warship morning Els did it. You are part of the show we Jay got is a high tech. We look on the brighter side of things that would make our personal inventory why today this sucker you down sister and I can do about it what is inside. It's three words that's defeat that's classic bear his common yells at me. OK okay. Being tried for arms for everybody. This ride there carefully at Wimbledon. I think. Serial. All right my sister from another mister Corey tell me why today he doesn't suck. But you I have visited no matter how old I get or how awful things get you can always laugh at yourself. And laugh at the world did you think she doesn't laughter brings people together and you can't make funny yourself menuing living day email let's get. What that waited as exhausted the end of the day. When I have foibles and the issues Norma performing at a 100% on the radio miked the and just. Technical problems when Michael Vaughan Jimmie did it on the debates right yes I took anti semites. New core I. It's got SeniorNet pantsuit viewers and yeah. I had yet. Last go around let's get rely. You know this goes every day the good lord puts a little bit of granting your lungs and is bringing your step you've got to make the most important important decision in the next 24 hours. Including the best in your life. There's gonna be filled full of gloom despair and agony on me me. Boy and I will take good the good stuff here and that easy.