Why Today Doesn't Suck

Tuesday, September 20th


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We probably won't show and twenty minutes to chance BC Jason and he need your choice of Raleigh or Charlotte that's good enough rain or not but this is even better our favorite segment of the show I was able personal inventory like today's going to be the best day of your life. In point today doesn't suck you ready Corey I'm ready hardly know where this. So she too may not have gassed the speedway may not have gas but you know who does. Take care of Taco Bell. Your kid. Carlos contain ourselves in ticket to Corey tell me why today doesn't suck for you. Well everybody out there that is watching dancing with the stars and our girls Jana Kramer is hearing is all of Monday's it was a start. Last night she ED it's to be one tree hill theme song because it out dish or coupon group. It was plagued. A moment I felt young again. This particular reason why it is such as border to divide commons during Max and ouster of friends. Brawl you whether he did your your group or stroke haters diesel truck haters who don't give you grief for Roland Kohl. Well who's the one laughing now at least he could still fuel jewelry. I. You know this. Every morning when the divorce with the screen you're steadily or your lungs you can make a very important decision now the next 24 hours are gonna go way it'll play that people look. Negativity. But heard include despair and agony on me. Or you pump yourself up again you know men could make this happen. Cornell would take the latter part of their make the best day ever and remember today isn't going to suck and you wake you know with the wolf you. It's these.