A Whole Month of Meal Prepping, We're Trying It!

Monday, February 5th


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Carol I country not if you want all this weekend. I've been talking to Corey about this where she was going to join Costco or Sam's Club. She decided to join Costco. And went and loaded up this weekend. Is overwhelming but we did it sensory overload he is a little bit it was really packed apparently Saturday morning the worst and I doubt it sample Saturday and analyze samples however. I know we need. Tried sending that elegantly done which as we did mill prepping for an entire month I'm not wow months of my husband is now. My husband did you know preps. For dinner and lights or entire soul was the main go to what did you. We know light chick in yeah. It we did chicken fish and ground beef by the way of meat balls so their liking you can do with all three of those items at different types of chicken. Date is that what it is heated he line it'll look on the counter have light detectors Obama is and at one apple to countering these gallon sized bags and we froze all of them last night so that you know each morning artist she's gonna have for dinner. Take the bag out so don't fall out and that has used to the oven. For dinner for didn't it's also it's everything that are either your husband is a saint fiftieth. So today easily the first day you're leaping into the ripped through yes we we had it one of our meals last night but it was French like we just prepared kits and tonight will be pulled out of baggy. This morning with a cheeky and bake in there it's like a sweet sour chicken and tight. How long did it take him to pre one month of of meals were probably two or three hours really. With the cleanup and everything's I mean pretty quick that not that bad do you think about it so. All I have to do now is just take the baggy out dump it into a casserole dish. Put it in the other and for 45 minutes and then we have me hot dinner and how did you base the proportion size system what you guys and he gets an. With enough in this is the cool part he'd he'd. The east proportion with enough for us to have dinner and enough for two ledges for us the next day at work. So whatever you have for dinner. That your lunch the next day to write the plan the whole plane and is to see what you actually do this with his we will cut our meal budget in half. By doing this now with the it's a little. I repetitive. The meals but I mean. If it's worth it if you're in its cut your meal alleged hack for a month it's worth it. That's where you got to take that mindset you know you eat to live not that he exactly it's it's it's good food it's. Pretty healthy for you it is simple it's fast. And. You're done in the whole point is that it'll hopefully produce are eating out or take out like on. Relate or just had a really long day. Let's just get take out this will prevent that from happening because. I can always just Judith. Continuing Mike is weighted country is a way adamantly pressure and that really is the key is not the stat column named eating out. I think I'm Renee yes he is cute Mary some when he was out of your league yes that his cheek he gets everybody can't do and I think it. Yes you obviously if you go out to check with me in two weeks in whatever I'd just like I igniting more this gets it it will the dog if you follow our adventures on her. It's Rampage in her snap Jeb page you know that coming up in nine days we have payday once did you budget any end. This team knows you're going yet we have to pay much that's like consumer count. I mean like and none are no faster draft and it has to Lee JB a paid he likes so he's. Is this experiment going through February 28 the whole month yet for I think the shortest the is again and again Smart yeah I would have done I would have been the same thing and I just I I. Another problem that I was doing from one. You'll let us. He is when you cook one person you've got to like what you could as you know who you're going be eaten and a lot two more to our whole week you confirming to. But it can make that to your that you talk about your Asia and eat it once they eat it the next day and the like. Just don't know which you force yourself ease that third time and times are tough none better than pot roast and he had anything like that in the end there's no rest so he's just he's chicken dishes meat balls and ground beef dishes in fish the fish is RD frozen in a little packages in the freezer. And then this side DH is listed pre prepared to go to those kind of altered. Thought god and we need constant. Knowing Annika if this thing G rails at your body rocking in the corner and he busted doughnut I just feel the freezer that's a lot of stuff after injuring three which is convenient this is how the GQ when you first walk in there's they have the big locker freezers you can dock for your garage right there at a discounted price. Are way out my husband and our party you know get one of those freezers to make it a lot better. Your iPad as game yet.