Tuesday, April 18th


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You have to buy agree here you get a job or some are just so I'm not yet at least one right. The number one thing kept in junk drawers by the way is rubber bands. That's what that's what ends up being most in the junk grower. What is the number two batteries new. Screw re news. New. Due to discuss his sentence gets hijacked our it has pinned it on tools. Do you just not have a toolbox you're keeping crews and rules go here or go and organization are you ready to all candidate known. We'll IKEA flying. Millionaire why even on the list even there. What do you jungle or any I would yeah right. You never know your needs it idly joins us going in Macon understanding does that prevent it came to draw or not. If they know this sounds yeah okay as what's in your game drew. Scourges that we will tell us. A thin and I figured I don't know. But I don't rule what is number technology new York and relive the oil go to U calls. Think about what you have a home. What he yet. You only need d.s. Occasionally. Wow tax return forms. Of the you know you only need in the case. Man number two thing if everybody can grow. Rubber bands the number one thing in the Jones-Drew or at home what's the number. Two things. In the jumped or at home. My hit was you only use. Only use of the case you only use these occasionally admin and what I just said he gave you a hint. What I just said give you a hand. Now I'm later. But that doesn't need to be aware of the original in the pocket and then goes and chases can't you lose it. Who know no given up yet did we say that it would do we get taped. All of one million knowingly told it is not it is not me. Okay on one battle staples. Just disable. This. From a total utter hello my skirt it and spirited and and I'll. It's not just blessed little. All they cooler it is now on the up a sewing kit notes so and it's so cute in a post it notes today. There's no way Noah goes another. The true picture the other. Or urgent that. I want and now. Yeah it is number one what's number two thing in the job or at all rubber bands the number one thing kept in the John Jordan home. What is number two on the Letterman they'll move right now you have a more in both you can become more gases or. Post it's no dates matter ideas for a eyeglass cleaner to. I'll eyeglass cases Knoll. He's got. Staples let's say cooler how this case is without glasses clearly he he's still live at home he doesn't yet have a job to her a little heavy digging on my own gender or political earlier incident. Minions would use with another great idea it always Girardi didn't expect you to or and who. Aha a. Yeah together Chinese menu you know you have taken a cellular handsets when before that you inject. Anybody else is going to. I cannot believe the that it's not a silly kid a little emergency sewing kit. OK you got your batteries off of that phone charger and subculture is. Or does not wanna give up on this she. Whoever made a slip I don't know what they're doing their life if they have these things and that are are. The number two thing. In the junk drawer at home. Is birthday candles. Yeah you only use of the yeah you've got to. Can you save emulate I'm not remembering nine is adamant that. I used with candles and immediately became a golf yes good diet and lack. And an American that Ambac endorsing these next time never scrape with your team because world she. Analysts go buy an album Arctic handles. You know I don't sucker me into mind the number candles. Because you know you guys because they charge like four dollars for a number candle. Can a little stick candles all count. Oh she's full bloom all mobile home. Edu and I don't need to think or so you count how your age in candles on your case. How will not anymore because of you know I looked like temporary. I don't act act if you know you've got some kids in the house and currently rocking it. Exactly that now that I could mr.