What's the Filthiest Thing in Your House?

Thursday, August 3rd


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Dale Bryan Corey and chased. Once that dirty this thing you're pals who. Let me what's dirty things out. The toilet seat he had I think they probably some in the bathroom which is probably the bathroom floor or maybe the door knobs. Yeah that's good that's a good when a two computer keyboard that's always the and you know they'll look at this one right here that's here in Powell will this. It'll this stuff on there you turn on the lights the board in here. Or better yet there's two sets like there's a certain track lighting because right over to all the equipment that I use. Every day there's there are fluorescent it's an that you could turn on the go we'd ever turner resigned we just don't do it how we clean as do we not ever cleaning equipment and here I did about two weeks ago like I took alcohol and wiped everything down and so. Next time you're in you're using this be assured that dale has cleaned before I appreciate that dale. But in your house evidently the field these things and there is the kitchen sponge that you easily out and I can see that on according to a new study out of Germany to fill these thing your house is not in the bathroom this week might have suspected. They found your kitchen sponge has more. Active bacteria on it than anything else in your house including your formidable brush. Set app and I are you are about the fecal matter if you think. Everywhere. And even if you sanitized respond by boiling it. Microwave he would want people who run them through your dishwasher you know especially the ones that he handles on them act. It's still. Is bad in fact it just makes things worse when you do. On then now not all the bacteria are necessarily bad for you. In fact most of them are but the researchers say they recommend changing your kitchen sponge once a week. Or cut down on your risk now. I tend to use the ones with a handle on on US open dispensary and handle data box so while yes. And if you change it every week you better person if you. I mean I know him that's the thing is you come yeah we do this all the time you combine the whole line to. For like may be four dollars but the replacement. Is surprisingly also for an hour. See what it's like razors for men each. You know handles 29 since the blades or thirty dollars. Gal we guys we really do in knowing haven't technically yeah I wasn't. But like a pack of like the regular. Just store brand sponges that earned a little rectangle that currently code and abrasive side in his buddies died. Even by a pack of five of those for like a dollar oh yes so that's what I started doing honestly because I was tired of spinning so much money on those replacement heads for the wind. But to me. It is okay if you do that I didn't. And use them and you lets you cook a lot of C cook and every day at least one meal a day you're cooking and you're using those things a lot to get nasty fan yeah yeah I think you have to tossed I think more than once a week I probably should talk more we give it a couple weeks. Although most people do right it's not a not an unusual thing what you just said it's I think most people do that. But these guys are saying no matter what kind of spongy using. Number one stop trying to disinfected or whatever that's on helping factor probably just making it worse and secondly whatever spongy using replace it once a week. But like I say if you know until things that runs into a lot of money yeah but they're so convenient and I love you know put that little button. You get some elbow pad early and get something awful upon you make something that sticks to the plot you know usually go to W baked in the oven. And skull crusty on the on the you don't have to get your hands in there yeah uses Burleigh pads. I still so they're they're still very widely used to get anywhere near a mountain and they make a lot of different types of other items for cleaning so yeah they're still out there that. Effect but she saw what she's talking about is the way to go cheaply. Is Ohio's junior really really really one and nickel and dime. Gain you can take says that the rate erecting a went in you cut them in half is really half as you need those eat it up a four pack you got eight weeks right there and. It's been decided Athens and while that's real money saving him tips from quarries corner. She's so tied she squeaks when you want to. I. Don't know.