We Spend More Time in... Where?

Tuesday, October 3rd


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There's finding now that pretty much confirms what you've been saying all along Goran. Is that we collectively spend more time on the toilet in a week than exercising. As ideally going to this. Yes. The average person spends three out of prisons nine minutes on the toilet every week I everyday job every week. In the three hours and died minutes on the toilet an average of 27 minutes today on certain on the throne so equate that to battery life on how much because that's really what you're doing and you know we cheer your do you maintain these guys are the ones who do that yes. The guys are the ones who sit in there you and you just hang out watch videos and we read the back of if we don't ever finally read the back of any bottles as soon as he dale do you agree. But if that even if that sounds high. It's not like the battle is close to anything else like exercising you know we took about newspapers it's beginning as if we spend more time on the tour actors doesn't. Because we always been about half of that time exercising. In a week ninety minutes total and average of thirteen minutes of exercise per day and that's pretty sad if you met it is they tell you and you probably a lot of people are counting the walking they'd be at work and or are they getting up and down or whatever it is they do not allow view however fiscal job you know again that. And other people who. Don't. Very physical job accounting every little thing they get there that. This is what I call the staffers in that they've got their watch is on that count their steps the end they're given me the other day or less so we where we work. This station is part of a big plaza with like other. Large companies and their lots of people none of which work in this building that block regularly as he'd see people every day walking around campus. Fit bidders the bureau they're doing walking but just so you know if you never dug into it if you. If you have to caf 45 minutes of continuous walking to begin. To burn fat. So until your 45 minutes in and you're not doing anything to burn fat and you may be burning calories drank out walking. But you know you're not burning fat into your done 45 your 45 minutes in that's when the fat burning most. Our don't discourage people from being physically active because really I'm not discouraging people Amy thank you don't startle me this morning nearly 45 minutes or it's not worth it no bad guys. And I did I say. Yes I think she's hearing what you want here again Harris Allen toilet and much more productive I see you've got to be walking 45 minutes we stubborn and that all would do. Hale has to be when I was. But if she's right doron storage or you heard what she was here and tell you what you want to hear she's gonna tell you which is dad bought houses yardages that. Entire region near numbing array. You there's a thing. And I gets more list coming up here I get a cup list coming up before 7 this morning number one all the things that guys would like to change about their significant done. Right and then a list of all the things that women won't change about their significant other blues. CI everybody accept my Mac and here.