We speak it into existence with Garth Brooks

Monday, October 31st

Remember - you have to have a positive attitude - and Garth proves his opens doors!

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Oh nominee yes I know you're just how hot hot that's. Very sweet that's very sweet. I I don't know man it's it's cool to be nominated this the first year ever in my career I voted. First year ever that he does seem about a always feel bad about voting this to burst your voted. I voted fervent Qatar did you really have any idea Sophie wins by one vote on what a fine. That means he voted for himself that's great and well as everybody comes. Courier we've been asking him to concede if they win they got to concede you do is look if fifty years of the CMA awards. We wouldn't have modern day contributing. You so sweet asleep so I'm gonna steal somebody escort lets just cancel the election declare me the winner a lot of Don no matter what you are right.