Monday, April 17th


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We United Airlines is removed two more people from an airplane. Back in the news began now here's what happened a couples on the airplane and there was a couple of empty seats in first class. And they said in my own mind. Well there are there behind me and they just got married. That they thought our speed up there I was gonna the most Microsoft knows they're there publicly in an eye I have to admit the thought would probably crossed my mind TU. The honeymoon until little risque. In united has just gotten all of this stuff in the media about dragon has got the plane out like no way. If we move up to first class I bet you they won't say anything about it at all. Slipped plus there are probably thinking. We elements our honeymoon. Yeah all they'll soften up and go OK you're crazy kids it's your body. Really do feel that way I think that if there are honing in that it likes and then. It's actually have treatment not in I've was bear out that our honeymoon to Florida and I remember thinking like. You know that it was the most important thing in the whole world but it's not well honeymoons though that he always err yeah via. So they were asked the couple that moved at first they are asked multiple times politely. Can be affected their seat back intelligent and they refused he says that they were escorted out played. As is like at united that I am afraid. And pummeled them there nor my fear being ethical will be watching the yeah. Soon I mean technically they were yes the wrong and I learned a story I don't have their side of the story and it's. I would be listed here what they had to say they haven't released a statement yet thank you you're new minimum three. At least you can release an extra harassment. Interest in this happens right after all the southern stuff goes on down funny people are probably trying to test the waters probably signed here. Situationally. A New Year's numbers plus. Yeah.