Tuesday, September 5th


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Salem Bryan Corey and chased study finds five ways to avoid speeding did you study conducted by CBS news in conjunction with pioneer press here they are number one. If you're going less than ten miles an hour over the limit your probably fine. This is probably true because the top is just not gonna bother to chase you down do the paperwork and go to court for ten miles over the speed. When they first lessons I learned was nine year nineteen year mine right at it. The number two. Be more careful in summer cops give up more tickets when the weather's nice and they're feeling like. Much it's much more pleasant you know the car again nice and raining all that's if you hold over and it's like rainy outside or to really really cold you know you're getting taking her skin it. We're gonna we're we're gonna get the super just I know. Number three you're more likely get a ticket when it's not rush hour is it's easier to catch less traffic. The times during the week 63730. AM. Surprisingly tend to eliminate an and one to three on weekends between four and six on Saturday and Sunday. Number four slowdown if your teenager or guy. Yeah. Also board men get about 50% more tickets than women and the yeah dumb people also drive faster when they speedy every sixteen year old got caught was driving seventeen point eight miles an hour over the speed. Out amber look it happened that sounds like a big gap if I can capitalize must first be to get I was nineteen and it was on interstate. I think it was on forty radar here eight Iran Greensboro and it was because. It was oh rupees action so it dropped to like 55 all of a sudden is it in all a bully forty miles an hour over might make that really quick. Boom it happens very fast. Reckless driving you know it was a pay. A whole lot of money for that. Take your license. Then 55 year old C average over the speed limit was fifteen point two miles per hour over. Finally the best way to get out of the ticket is to people liked. Being a full don't think that you're getting that ticket CD you should just be meat now I think you should just sit there are shut your face. He can make it just take it because he's gonna give that he or she is gonna give it to you anyway they're gonna give you the ticket if they've they've spent enough time to pull out where their heightened and go find you don't pull you over and do they're gonna get to see. I don't think so this is why you he. The amount of stuff like that work they have to be doesn't in just when he dvd taking I knew if they have a lot more he says there's still time that they can. Pulled back out now will say it is and and I don't we don't see anyone here not here we go. I know for a fact. If I get pulled over by female police officer and you need to get 100% every single time I'm gaining one and yet it's a female or if it's a guy. Maybe not 5050 on that and that's while his. Pop out the red lipstick you put some longer. Do you yeah right read only thing now you want to thank you so. Yeah I don't I don't think innovators in their couch listening I don't I don't think you get now would it be a nice not gonna do it if I've bothered to pull you over you're gonna get the ticket. On at and plus I'm not gonna pull you over machine doing about twelve vote for you know I'm not gonna pull out this great couple of friends or police officers. You know the most on the go onto stumpel now this is twelve over. So I'm not I'm not going through Bally's. This time yeah do you believe it why. I've been told about at the Indy of the month there's like a quota they have to meet say they've Livermore and look into the month you know every ticket have ever gotten was that the imam Hossein. We I don't of these I don't know you're asked me what I thought I thought nobody bit mad men they've completely wrong he may be totally right. And I don't know whether that's the case and but I do know and carry out like you are when they pull you over you're gonna get that ticket. May be years ago you might get a warning may be somebody's in an exceptional mood you're gonna give you warning. But 99.9. Percent of the time if easily due up and pulled you over. Is it state troopers to give their tickets from mothers tickets basically I. I you get your mama do you think that the yeah yeah yeah. No. As this but I just don't believe you're gonna get out of it if you're you know injured became Asian. I. Well you're right. But analogy no triple jolt your yeah your head at all. Carolina kestre 931 wholesale O'Brien Torre chase we're talking about tickets in the best way to get out of tickets to coordinate this study done by CBS news at number five was. The best way to get them to do is to be polite and untamed that's just not gonna work they're gonna give you the ticket when your nicer not the modern pull you over you're you're you're you're gonna get the ticket. Now there may be certain circumstances were somebody's gonna get the ticket in here in those circumstances. If the person pulled over is an off duty policeman fireman. You know any of that is firefighter. ENT the right direction there won't you be detected Hugo. But if it's you or me guess what to sit quietly keep your mouth shut take your ticket. And don't walk. We were speeding and yes you are ever gotten a ticket that I didn't desert actual AEA in a new there's nothing worse than looking up. AC in the blue light in you know what really bugs me way is it night. When you pull in behind me run my license tag and then it's pitch black dark in the all the sudden you write in my bumper car and you lightening up the end because I know you love that. You are digging that you love and every second of it because you don't want it all and I said you screamed and I. If this is every Liam at large goes off you know place easier. If your car pull up until I yelled let's stop early an accident or something and on. On a dark interstate. It's like. For a while out at the school it it's like he can't see it's just so incredibly brain you know what else is the so satisfying. Is when some. Somebody just blow your doors off news dart in and out of traffic down the interstate Ollie don't tell policy in a few minutes yeah. Added ten miles on the interstate enters blue lights right behind him Interpol lower I got a role the window down and had to wait and you calling it donated to the police aren't immediately as. Are about speed and take its value out of him as he surveyed CBS news give us the five I don't remember five best regularly to used to be polite ain't gonna happen. Throughout their speed you're gonna get caught sooner or later hello. Okay yeah I got a ticket they report that speak it and trap low Wallach so. They let them tell you let a motel right now idol are built one of about eight or speed and and we're all thirteen noble right now. Into our review yeah is. It you're you're on the interstate now right. You know you're moving with the flow of traffic exactly. So it's okay everybody diluted dale. Well the problem with the flow of traffic is what do you do you pull everybody over. Plus if you're using radar you need to isolate your car because you can't be sure which one year hidden. I had sees. I simply and the right at. The right tire groups pick one out it. You know. Let me on what went out or purse back 888. Mosul are large BAR. So I can make you feel better out my peak at. Oh. What sixty. I have. 6500. This is an eighty then you'd just got your license back right is that Al with no. No I bet I read that I ought to. Picnic it was a hundred feet by adult or call it port calls. At the bit. How many points on your license. Now we'll look book and you would still be in prison today if you did that yeah as. Yes I lit yet. And like 88 where you so much act out what big blow. I would at leaked well under all Abbott. That is. Re young I worse than not he was gonna say he's six feet bodily needed fifty. Right the idea we had to actually clear it up with our use of what I do one more time. 50 run that I mean in real quick figure it yeah and and just for the record. Just for the record I don't care how polite he was he was gonna get technical.