Top 5 Reasons Your Marriage Lacks Romance

Wednesday, March 14th


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There's new survey out and this is no news this is no news to its two to us. Especially not to orient. This is this is advised and help you later tease okay hero then take a net you romantic W Sonoma. Opted out of hand here in new survey. Reveals. The reasons that romance. And allow Michael. Yeah. Now I know. Immediately you have in your mind OK I can probably come up with more to those one big point yes the Q what's your what's the when they when you think having kids. I have nothing nothing does. Foot comes to a screeching halt faster than when you start having babies. And then there answers tabulated and hear the percentages that said this is what causes. Romance to fizzle on my relationship. Pain. Keep can you explain furthered like it to him broken pinkie go campaign her luggage I think there's some sort of the pain in your body that would prevent you from being romantic you know he sort of issue today even more risky real EB themes. And next. You nailed it kids yet 31%. Said kids just hazard to kids in the romance killers that's that's what we're doing now is just. Parenting that's that's. It was my day job that day it consumes kid almost every waking moment right through it and half you're sleeping in. Being too busy. A full half says no I'm just I'm too busy. I can around me I got as much going on run here run there. A Morgan two jobs and doing this in doing that if kids especially if you have a different schedules. Then your partner USG BD your your working in an opposite times of the day. Next is work. In at work this yet kilometer Kia you can't do it. A next and number 171%. Said the reason is I'm just to tie. To tell I cant do that they act now to tired you know you go to a telling your home and 830 you're you're going to either. You're you know you're married you're like OK but I'm not doing anything. That Israel I'm just I'm just the member. I will participate. But don't expect any tiger reciprocate. Did did you know and say yeah. And Doug here all I'm. I don't know what you're talking. We'll get it. Okay I'm in I'm not really. It is done. It is like an GDP it.