Top 10 Things Your Partner Would Change About You

Tuesday, October 3rd


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They'll write Korean chase top ten things couples would change about each other. Take the average woman would change for things about her husband. Or specific name or thing irate marriage changed winning average guy would change six day. Starting with things women would change about their husbands here we go number one they make him less grumpy. In a ha I administrative. He's less grumpy than I am like more gambling that he he's actually pretty pretty mild mannered. Number two they make him listen more when they tall yes. Absolutely. Do you judge if he's not listening which your indicator. Well all the time things have been where. Billy will did you did you get that backup what cup. The one that's what Jeff put the red apple at this rate cut there it's. What are you talking about. I looked you right in the face and told you hey this cup race here this the what you need to do this thing with at this time he's like no you didn't. Number three they rid them of some of his bad habits. And didn't say which one can tell you read it on yeah. For the make you more appreciative. Now that's lending my husband is super appreciative. He knows what he I think that's one of the biggest issues. Is based in my experience is is. A woman just feeling like she's not appreciated she's doing all these things and you just in case. Stunning acknowledges via I Lutz a straight major that way it's a major problem it's a serious it's a serious relationship issue and MS is one of those things. One of many things can lead you right down the divorce through. Yeah yeah sure. You noticed one thing she just said. Only he knows what he's. My PC NN my husband is already knows who's out he's like I'll be completely transparent here. I'm the wind I know that I need to be more appreciative and he does a great job of that. They may can help more around the house. They make it easy healthier. Than they get him to spend less money. Number eight they make him cut down on drinking. It out on the Busan. A number non. That's a great says. Yeah. They make him always put the toilet seat down. Stella Manhattan and not a problem we'll that make you more emotionally intelligent. Oh really really heavy on as you're going down this list and these are things that actually. My husband would say about me or I do not drink that might have put that toilet seat at. We're in the top ten things men would change but there was no wind they make her more affectionate. Via. And I guarantee you they make her happier in general. He did you couldn't be happier in general. Our appreciation or more solid hit solid point. May get her to be more adventurous in the sack. Moon. They never clean now smokey it. It's number four. Ever clean house last. Couple more hours in my day they may be that we can get that I dine. They may occur more appreciative yeah and fans saying morning's top five for both. And they maker live healthier lifestyle. There which some people could construe as a roundabout here's beaten ms. wait you know and I mean you really don't regularly winning winning can be such a bad influence though perfect example last night I was like OK I need to make dinner. I chick in I have this surprised that I'm gonna make some in his relatively healthy. I think the clock buzzer was on his way home from workouts like I was therapy and you toll to get back right. As you trail every helping the. They weren't I have more energy says she's not too tired of they Dresser and sexier clothes hairy. And it excludes. Or no. You are very decade they makers spend less money. And and number ten there's a three way tie between had more fun be less of a control freak. And to stop watching all the bad TV show that's it. I'm just I think just exploded and if you are. Hello we need some funny this relationship. Does that cut through and it's.