Monday, August 7th


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Carolina Katerina if you're on the wolf they O'Brien Torre in Jason's right we're talking first dates earlier keeping them on a first date that you are. Required to disclose if you heard like a mega millionaire may be different than an hour. It doesn't and you drop on the first date I think you keep that quiet. And keep that quiet if you load at what point do you let him know hold on that. If some if if you did. Let's say you weren't aware here you went on the date and first date you were totally unaware that this person had any thing. And then you find out at dinner. That they're a multimillion. That effect. That affect things. We had to say your Dexter might be a little bit high. That's not only happen at all look at this chicken sure they'd be interesting story well it depends always value meals take. Yeah I mean yesterday or make your world's about you minister saying okay here's the order of the regular news guest has got to got to draw the impact and well. Speed of those dates what would calls in guy not to go out on the second day. With a woman asks you to address what what's the what are some of the reasons that we go you know what I'm going out with her again. I think. Your Mike an eagle on a second date with someone if they're too intimidating are they seem like they're going to be high maintenance so I've always been told that. Women that are outspoken and it's be like speak their mind in. Can kind of stay in their own ground that's intimidating guys some guys like that. New survey out there here's the top ten reasons a guy. Will decide not to go on a second day number ten messy eater and mentally yeah. Not only horrors. Of the worry taker cheered you gotta light. Like a week complaining that they don't expect her to do right joy it's not as they cleaned. Ribs are not a first date through there and I. He. You both their delicious. Or X number nine too much talking Ollie out too much jacket and which happens a lot I think for both men and that is your nerve issue I toggle yes you don't wanna sit there like a little. Yeah yeah dungy go overboard number right text or makes all holes. Or all. During the day and she's gonna take at least one call and that's the emergency call that like the last. All my great grandmother's answers cat. Is in the hospital I'm sorry I gotta go yet you've you've already late in the contingency plan right if she's taken that call she's like and you take that Boise is called and let's face it if you're Smart you've lady and a contingency plan eat cake yet you add as obvious in his lane is it seems you've already nearly analogy says I'm getting into the bathroom until the paint you know. Number seven drinks too much. Oh yeah. And up like she tricks team I'd been up in a consummate these other problems like not be eating and talking to you might seem to hit it's straight too easy periods. Kreutz could be a major brands like Chase's perfect. That's interactive. I'm a little I don't know I'm number six talks about an X during the day and only 5% say it's an absolutely no go she starts talking about a Nixon Ella and number five the date lacks personality. You know we all its personality you gotta have that yes you know if you got a bowl or and to know personality. 6% say I'm not going out whether again number four no sense of humor I'll. Guys right yen. That personality and a thin people who can't take it choke you treat. Yeah I can't handle that they would there isn't real answers there's there's there's nothing more attractive than girl who's funny. And got a good personality and just in just does had a and yourself and talk like that its numbers over and or gotten since of humor number three date check out other men. Had a don't take it to chip and l.'s and that will be a problem. Checking out other dudes why maybe if we weren't seeing magic Mike as the movie and I would check out those guys then all of the relationship is going on what you think it's like almost a natural for I had this conversation with someone and it. It's almost a natural for people not to notice a good you notice attractive people. You're just fighting Coakley clarify that. I am saying you notice attracted people when you see some what attracted you you notice and you look at them and it's turned out. Look at dale what did you hit. Yeah it's between noticing them once attractiveness and and checking them out there is the where's the line there is a difference if you're looking him up and down and. All that the year you do your check amount we have to see if they're attractive from habitat of that they did that there has to be a thorough inspection these acts yet. Yeah. Right sure. Yeah. Same thing you'll lose number two day treat server or bartender poorly no absolutely yes. When placed in her without interview people always think about it eat and see how they treated the server and they are they different treated badly there just yet the list and as a as a female a bad tipper is and no doubt if your bad tipper I won't outward not gonna go out again how do you know what and to think. Yeah you can see it so you you make a point to check that I don't Blake now I know you know I guess I didn't. Ideas so you can. When you were dating and you're not dating now she's pretty mature when you were dating you would peak and check this letter writing a pretty good at checking things like this process enabled via social your your but you're trying to see that you're not do you not the sort of kinda notice that you're looking to see what he's right yeah I think and a lot about somebody's character is if they tip well or not. And here's the thing no matter what the woman is making the job he has. Do not let her pay for the first it that has happened mean never I went pitting of one on the first day and a gas and. Human split and split the head I say oh sure no problem at all as I crossed his name it's. They're shipped. Early. I would never meant and why would this. He hasn't I don't and he isn't that bad advice from somebody he he he thought that I was sort of person that would. Want to just split it not. Eaten he only had never heard The Beatles that was the there goes another way. Right two through seven right there. Whenever to a number oh overtime number two we just said they treat server margin or poorly 74%. Tony barbers and also said this is number one if the date has. Bad breath. We're on the line with. How does understand how that they need there's there's an entire idol of products just last minute Brett checks. Day you'd pop send an Enders gone there's Mitt there's. He's being that dissolving your mouth discreetly there's no excuse for chronic challenge from this maybe she's got good movement out there. Harry. How are you feeling hollow Pena's I love how big your.