Tuesday, June 27th


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Trying to turn on the wall snow Brian Dorian chase new number one ice cream flavor now for years. It has been Vanilla. Bonilla has been number one flavor of ice cream and every single sort of in that I can ever remember now. There's a new number one ice cream flavor here are the top ten ice cream flavors number ten peanut butter and it. Irritants that number nine coffee. And number eight rocky route you know. Number seven French Vanilla. Now that. Regular Vanilla isn't it that is right and you know what the major difference is it's for it. Brilliant as always change there is one of the thing French Vanilla ice cream has. Exhibit. And the other Vanilla. Is different this many different. So that's that's that's number seven. Number six. Regular chocolate chip. Number five strong there and story stronger and a and just as a point of interest of the Neapolitan ice cream. With the chocolate Vanilla and strawberry came in twelfth in the service. Number four Mitt chocolate chip and yet. And delicious and I love to smearing it. Number three. It's the old number one Vanilla. It's an attempt. To number three number two. And about what we not mention top chocolate number twos chocolate and number one. Knew he just not the number one news flavor of ice cream is cookies and cream. That makes you angry young. Lists I'm really with an update. Probably you learn and remember Tim. Oh yeah she can't get up. And see you turn to. It's right.