Top 10 Accents Ranked - Tough Break for America

Wednesday, February 21st


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Carolina Petrino if you want a wolf I was interested to see this survey about the sexiest accent because you know people for people when people hear someone speak from another country codes is exe act so I demand is going to clear my third and get ready to. What is kid does this accident. The one that comes our right here in this cell at the true as well we'll take a little bit longer. Well a lot of people love that all they do love lust and I plus. A lot of people don't matter if you think he stepped outside of the Bible Belt everybody digs the you do stupid they got any time it did you know outlived all over the country they just a sea mammals slower because I talk slower on your school or ED. You must be for North Carolina. Now is funny anyway anytime I admit some money outside the series ago are you from Texas like drill yes. We and a. Well many people who live in big cities particularly new York and Los Angeles they think that. Nothing goes on anywhere in the world except for New York Carlos as soon as this year as of those we ought to put everything your place else boring -- ducks are no place remember all I remember watching a bit from the comedian wasn't thinking gosh this is so true reason. I got into a cab in New York City the geysers where do you live on the videos I live in Birmingham Alabama used. The movie that was so what did you know West Virginia. At NASA left it up I guess you dislike. Anyway right now it's all just a bunch of people limited one big step water Florida's itself and accidentally just did now's perfect a half ago. The number one sexy accent is English I say it. Yeah yeah do you agree with them I don't know dumb enough. Idea that's terrible but anyway I can't I think that you know they can't read in the instruction manual to the microwave and feel like you to sleep. It gives you so much more credit sounds so intelligent yet. As a surprise you don't have years and your series beat UN out bags and you can senate of that yes and you know I've had my GB EST Dow before you you never -- New York before yeah I don't Magellan yet but every Hebron those big things it was on the dash it was before the phone G I had to speak to meet an English I know. Launching the BBC. Number two is French. So here's I would have guessed I would've guessed it Australian. Would've been in the top three. It's not really is number 71. On the list. Back to the list English wine fridge to Italian three Irish for Irish. No. Five Spanish six Scottish Australians 78. The American accent people from other content ever again okay. Number nine Brazilian and number ten Japanese. Palin what let's just be theories and as Scottish accent are probably or German even would be towards the bottom there's less bidding and I saw. I definitely got your people who do bad. Bad and who they think they do a good one yeah I'm sitting right there. Yeah little.