Tom Brady's Jersey Has Been Found Thanks to FBI... Yes Really

Tuesday, March 21st


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You mix this with him it's. This to a three times where Tom Brady's Jersey was found dead I'm amazed how much manpower devoted to finding these two could volunteers and I just sort of different spot after it was list. Here it is Jersey's. Ex USO Molly Wood. Wouldn't want them in the U moved out with your life ES who has something. About an imminently FBI. It's been spending hundreds of man hours up on this case. And they viewed I don't know. Thousands. And thousands of credentials went over. You know hours and hours of pay provide them by fox and everybody else and narrowed down the suspect in some. Body from Mexico and international media member like a photographer report. Has been found to be the one who took the jerseys they they they got the Jersey back and are trying to authenticate those securities. They saw on film with a guy makes his way into the locker room. And get birdies jerseys in prison and a plastic bag and takes him away. The question now is have to ask is who's paying for it says you're paid for all these man hours. Of footage of watching searching in that FB I united. I've just heard anyone manager could make sure that I was contributing and how this horrific crime. The Tom Brady says hopefully when I get jerseys back and make something very positive come to despair. So yeah he'll write a book about it. Maybe you ought to them offer something for some talent and you know charity in some legitimate collector who get their hands on. Pending for the move on eBay and see what they can care reform to see exactly what's gonna happen. But anyway evidently this guy I've been doing things like this for a while they also found that a football helmet. Then he had his position too they're also trying to both indicated. Yeah they're worth more now that they're part of this story of course they. Him and he accused Jersey. One and this is the only time I'm not calling conspiracy but I'm just thing and like to draw attention to act they're worth a whole lot more now. Is putting plastic bag scared off to Mexico. The idea about these. Got back Tom Brady the you know healthy hearing things across the border. That that they unity putting him on the back here to get it to give these stuff and in the body cavity and some kind of dragging your very bad it just turned but.