Tim McGraw Takes a Nasty Spill

Monday, August 1st

Luke Bryan was the fall champion of country music -- now this superstar might give him a run for his money.

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Brian wake up little shield and a close second comes. The man and Tim McGraw. I get now why they ask for. Make some shoes you do they say we don't want your phones around yeah that's going to be king now yeah we went to the Louie CK comedy show this coliseum not to long ago and were like very much. About they don't bring your phone and hear gun and all that and I hear hosting and as a caterer they don't want to the material stolen know they don't want video of your artists. Solid and make him supposedly depleted. Haven't had similar grow only time Tim McGraw while he was. Video and lesson. Just again. Yeah. Here's the thing. A ballot. No country concert in an artist all they don't help they'll help you get up. You're just out there aren't around and and as a growth view this elegant hey man let's let's hope Tim McGraw get up because this will attempt brawl. Now an analyst who when you grab a book surrender tiller body that they can't see the thought so anyway Tim McGraw didn't miss a beat he kept ongoing. What can I say aside from hey who's had stayed on so there's that and Lincoln true professional and may enter. Would you rather grab my take. I'm good either way I mean to the picture and I might even when demand this because it's Tim McGraw tomorrow. I was clear headline challenge style of play 6809653. Years get in shape now in morning.