Monday, June 19th


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Good afternoon everyone wolf there's one these guys they're justified and are you not feeling it now do you not feel so straight to Vegas in fact I'm I'm an account wanna play another one. Meanwhile but look what why not give it away. At getaway trip to Vegas. To see George Strait who doesn't tour anymore than it's he could be the only time. Over get to see George Strait to special thing. Are it won't go crazy waited he didn't like that we chose the fireman so he's there now he is. Pretty nice obviously another line will see what I wanna do now is a wanna play and turn I think the I don't wanna play another one hot thing I don't know get added. Let's we doubt that the number let's see things through. I don't know. Who is this. Terrell bell under you don't know I'm Carol. We're trying to give you time she didn't need you don't you. Well let's see this Carol I believe yeah that's your name you know. You're go to the seed George string. There. The very least you can do is now the wolf forming.