Wednesday, August 23rd


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We are Brothers overhead signs on the freeways just today about you know don't. Photo while you're driving don't look at the eclipse while you're driving. What they need on those signs or things like. Get in the left lane when you approach an on ramp. Don't put your makeup bomb wired drive you know don't talk on your own tricks like driving. That would be a good social experiment to see if we cut down on some of the issues we have on the interstates by just putting no brainer things on there. And even if you put little smarty the intimately done it's it's still text and got. Done. But to work with a guy would come into work in the morning and he'd given the studio and we all know something. Well I know how you drive down the road we view sausage biscuit who won and you're coughing the other and still drive a car I see it every morning yeah. These are. We need on the overhead signs don't enter sausage biscuit in drink coffee and try to drive. God gave me to hand over one of them on the we help you when you're able to get your loot get your snacks in your debt when he was always on the will always dale we've covered and you described how you do it again. Eastern. On we talked yesterday and again today about. Whether or not you use the proper glasses and if you damaged your eyes by looking at the eclipse she swears she saw all kinds of people just look and I did you don't know you sought. Yes I did dale didn't they red glasses yesterday can they had no idea how I like it no way to know how many people would show up there were tons of people staring directly into the signed. And it may be very on how we were driving yesterday she may be stopped the vehicle so she can give our glasses to some people up. Only believe they are ready to design. A fable. Well here's how to determine today if you need to go for an exam because you may have possibly engineer rise yesterday. Looking at the clips number one you're having blurry vision of any kind to blind spot in Warner both of your distorted edition changes in the way you see color or extra sensitivity to light if you have any of these things going on today you should probably get a seeing eye doctor. As soon as you can get an appointment. Because I knew why pick on him but you're probably right there's probably a lot of people who were just. Despite all the warnings right the I heard on the news earlier that if it was maybe winds split set get. That you might be okay there's never from Babbitt if it was three seconds or more. That you stared just three seconds that you you couldn't sustain damage. You also may have damaged a camera in your phone yesterday if you were taking photographs. Of the eclipse or even if you were trying to take a stealthy. With the clips in the background. No so you might if you are in trouble if you Cameron may have damaged your camera yesterday and by doing that eating that's covered in your insurance I sure it could damage. This. I can't I can't get things that should be carried it over Colombo.