The Shania Effect

Thursday, October 6th


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Personally cable showy display in quarry morning Ernie had a real shot ocean nine Twain. Color called in Vegas who resuming his younger early and am I cut up on him a minute Macedonia a totally. Men and I realized. You know Amanda takes a real man to admit the fact that he loves she nine point. Well isn't really for guys it's more about the fact that she's just ridiculously hot and Malia while I document I don't care how feel like a war and all day long. Don't suck a dogs and yeah I hear her whenever I would maybe like nine or ten to this would've in the mid ninety's. And it was pre football gamers and then in of course she was hanging now and Shia on the little football Jersey with her major challenge that's her deal. And Acura. Looking at the TV screen and I can see the look on his face youth like you have like that. Yeah nice people would ideally and that's we hear do you see your daddy you know what that I thought it out like com. And guys like mean girls there and she's pretty maybe I should try to be thin and pretty like her with Altman hair. Show my major just this year. Eagle and eight production to play and that's what's wrong and we Toobin for a whole other recent. Just like DM the crowd.