Tuesday, April 18th


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Are those gonna tell ya I found this list first of all on eating ice cream supposed to be good for brain function we do in the morning. So you know maybe have a couple of bites of ice cream given to ask why not we will what will we get to lose. Why wouldn't you try that I can't think even if dale said so than just knew it yet and I'm now that. All day long time now but also read this article about all these things are bad for you yeah. Burst through all over sleeping in anyway whatsoever there were in. Over training watch it. Over training budget mess and it's a tough that began in any danger. Of over training and wearing the wrong shoes in Isa two two yes that's why you that's why you never see me in line Exxon. Super exe the letters or any thing is just not worth it I'd rather Wear flats or flip flops he never Wear heels. If you know it. Then there is an Indo often and in an editor at pretty much hounds gonna Mike wears heels yes definitely can't. Absolutely and yeah. Couple tomorrow gonna bring them good and everybody bring this exit if you don't. And they still can't say hey. Why didn't you make glory Clinton would. That. Yet so those are some of the things I'm not drinking enough water and it is it is bad and nobody. Is drinking enough water do you think I mean there's no there's. How can post up like eight to twelve. Glasses. Of water a day hall until well. Why well I think that the goal you're supposed to you according to you my nutrition brand. Is a gallon gallon during game on Allen are not like chug it mean Catholics who are dangerous he got a separated out by eight that's three gallon total during the course of the day right right. Still a lot of water hey you know what though if you do drink that much water you feel so much better it does so much on the inside that even your skin looks better. Just taking a drink that much water I just can't seem to people who walk around ellington's everywhere out of it. The stereo. Master capital Jim guy things you know. In the gym where do you see people hearing gallant allies are seeing these dude perfect videos. And what are you watching him. These things and things are hugely popular suns want to go there layers these guys do these comedy bits where day. Do things like the stereotypical gym rat. Let me think he's got loads of water there. Make a big deal you know he'll be doing if you risk. You know. And detect that I like it's it's funny that you enjoy. Political dude dude perfect are leagues was call nothing about it demise my sons brought to my attention and when I saw it I was like is birdied money any amendments and remember these that we you know odd that a lot to join him. You don't do anything and everything you do and we're all like perfectly reasonable name to little is watching or doing anything Netflix and enjoy our. Yeah I had.