Ryan Lochte Rushed by Protestors cont.

Tuesday, September 13th


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Playing Cory Wade double killed seven tweet too I feel bad for Ryan Lochte this morning and man why. Well I'll tell you why. He goes out you know goes through all this stuff during the Olympics and is called a liar he might be but then he goes on dancing with the stars and puts himself out there and in the middle last night of and being on Dancing With The Stars. This happens which is just crazy. Altogether. Yeah. Yeah. What do you bring in the bummer McCain's we wanted to be and I really do it they you brought your best in his barn yeah. So it isn't yeah. Yeah yeah. Kerry and a senior given it my third judge in a recap of if these dance he's running amok kept stock will yet before she hits him with a bill art stuff that's happening really is on a good dancer. And protestors like. Jumped on stage of the audience and he's no Ryan Lochte shirts. In and had to go to commercial break you. Versioning turned. He's an opponent and then. Or. Jessica commercial author of the security guards handle it. But he knew if you look at you watch the video frame by frame. They've got a camera on Carrey and and you see likable horror of people pass by hammer and then he seat like two really big news that huge arms come over. And you need to see the rest of you to go to commercial break. In any later comeback in show that they did I'll probably just this is where it's at I feel really really bad for Ryan Lochte because. He sink it a hold on day two of the stars. And they're gonna forget about the fact allied Mario and now desolate but whichever way. The articles are criminal why he think that somehow this is where his second chance convent just like Kerry said tonight tonight to say you can't and whites can you can dance and make some money. You can make more money bet that's what forgives cheered liar liar you look like he just lied either I mean he did some really ugly stuff he tried to you. You know make up that whole country look bad and indicated. I'm both our form at all you think he's sitting there trying to make more money that's all this old guy yet really I did you hot he's trying to establish his career that's what he's trying to do here in east. NCA championship the great American people like me were glued to Dancing With The Stars on ABC 45 that I that I don't wanna. You know. Believing he's a bad person and he's a good dancer where he apparently he's not getting there he didn't do very well corny. It maybe not did when he noticed women and lions actually. I'm Rand Paul.